Free Download The Whalebone Theatre PDF/ePub by Joanna Quinn

Free Download The Whalebone Theatre PDF/ePub by Joanna   Quinn
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The Whalebone Theatre by Joanna Quinn

Free Download Book The Whalebone Theatre a PDF/EPUB format, written by Joanna Quinn and published in June 9, 2022. The file contains more than 558 pages …

Title The Whalebone Theatre
Author Joanna Quinn
Year of Publication June 9, 2022
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 558
Information about the book The Whalebone Theatre, written by Joanna Quinn

Book Description

A transporting, irresistible debut novel that takes its heroine, Cristabel Seagrave, from a theatre in the gargantuan cavity of a beached whale into undercover operations during World War II—a story of love, family, bravery, lost innocence, and self-transformation. One blustery night in 1928, a whale washes up on the shores of the English Channel. By law, it belongs to the King, but twelve-year-old orphan Cristabel Seagrave has other plans. She and the rest of the household—her sister, Flossie; her brother, Digby, long-awaited heir to Chilcombe manor; Maudie Kitcat, kitchen maid; Taras, visiting artist—build a theatre from the beast’s skeletal rib cage. Within the Whalebone Theatre, Cristabel can escape her feckless stepparents and brisk governesses, and her imagination comes to life. As Cristabel grows into a headstrong young woman, World War II rears its head. She and Digby become British secret agents on separate missions in Nazi-occupied France—a more dangerous kind of playacting, it turns out, and one that threatens to tear the family apart.

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