Free Download The Raven and the Nine PDF/ePub by Peter Gibbons

Free Download The Raven and the Nine PDF/ePub by Peter  Gibbons
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The Raven and the Nine by Peter Gibbons

Free Download Book The Raven and the Nine a PDF/EPUB format, written by Peter Gibbons and published in June 19, 2023. The file contains more than 344 pages …

Title The Raven and the Nine
Author Peter Gibbons
Year of Publication June 19, 2023
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 344
Information about the book The Raven and the Nine, written by Peter Gibbons

Book Description

879 AD, Norway. Halvdan , son of Ragnar Lothbrok and King of Dublin, is locked in a savage war with Irish Dubgaill warriors in a battle for supremacy of Ireland’s coastal strongholds.Hundr , a Northman with a dog’s name… Viking warships flying the raven banner… and the echo of Ivar the Boneless .Hundr and Einar the Brawler are drawn into a search for the son of Bjorn Ironside , lost during the war for Ireland’s future. Old enemies seething with vengeful fury emerge to throw Hundr and Einar into the most dangerous fight of their lives.Hundr must join the war between the Finngaill and the Dubgaill and decide the fate of Dublin. Can he survive brutal betrayal and vicious shield wall battles in this fast paced Viking adventure with striking characters and bloodthirsty action?The Raven and the Nine continues the unmissable Viking historical fiction saga series which began with Award Winning Author Peter Gibbons’ debut novel Viking Blood and Blade.

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