Free Download The Namatjira Connection PDF/ePub by Estelle Ryan

Free Download The Namatjira Connection PDF/ePub by Estelle Ryan
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The Namatjira Connection by Estelle Ryan

Free Download Book The Namatjira Connection a PDF/EPUB format, written by Estelle Ryan and published in November 28, 2023. The file contains more than 259 pages …

Title The Namatjira Connection
Author Estelle Ryan
Year of Publication November 28, 2023
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 259
Information about the book The Namatjira Connection, written by Estelle Ryan

Book Description

Looted artworks. Italian Mafia. Deepfakes.The weekend in Italy is supposed to be a family event—a celebration as well as a break for the whole team to enjoy everything Naples has to offer. As it is, Doctor Genevieve Lenard is hard-pushed to keep an autistic shutdown at bay while surrounded by boisterous relatives and friends. When armed police interrupt the festivities to arrest a cousin for murder, relaxation becomes the last thing on her mind and staying in the moment, the foremost. A mere glimpse at the ‘irrefutable’ evidence is enough for Genevieve to know she and her team have their work cut out to prove the family member is being set up. When they realise they are dealing with the most brutal of mafias—the Camorra, and they uncover the clan’s end goal, the stakes are suddenly extremely high. And terrifying. Never in her wildest dreams could Genevieve imagine someone planning something as deplorable as this. Something as ruthless. Something that can cause such immeasurable harm. With more questions than answers, Genevieve and her team have to find and stop this clan before thousands of people lose their lives.

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