Free Download The Hundred Secret Senses PDF/ePub by Amy Tan

Free Download The Hundred Secret Senses PDF/ePub by Amy Tan
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The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan

Free Download Book The Hundred Secret Senses a PDF/EPUB format, written by Amy Tan and published in January 1, 1995. The file contains more than 406 pages …

Title The Hundred Secret Senses
Author Amy Tan
Year of Publication January 1, 1995
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 406
Information about the book The Hundred Secret Senses, written by Amy Tan

Book Description

The Hundred Secret Senses is an exultant novel about China and America, love and loyalty, the identities we invent and the true selves we discover along the way. Olivia Laguni is half-Chinese, but typically American in her uneasiness with her patchwork family. And no one in Olivia’s family is more embarrassing to her than her half-sister, Kwan Li. For Kwan speaks mangled English, is cheerfully deaf to Olivia’s sarcasm, and sees the dead with her “yin eyes.”Even as Olivia details the particulars of her decades-long grudge against her sister (who, among other things, is a source of infuriatingly good advice), Kwan Li is telling her own story, one that sweeps us into the splendor, squalor, and violence of Manchu China. And out of the friction between her narrators, Amy Tan creates a work that illuminates both the present and the past sweetly, sadly, hilariously, with searing and vivid prose.

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