Free Download Summer Cooking PDF/ePub by Elizabeth David

Free Download Summer Cooking PDF/ePub by Elizabeth David
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Summer Cooking by Elizabeth David

Free Download Book Summer Cooking a PDF/EPUB format, written by Elizabeth David and published in January 1, 1955. The file contains more than 248 pages …

Title Summer Cooking
Author Elizabeth David
Year of Publication January 1, 1955
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 248
Information about the book Summer Cooking, written by Elizabeth David

Book Description

For the great English food writer Elizabeth David, summer fare means neither tepid nor timid. Her stress is always on fresh, seasonal food– recipes that can be quickly prepared and slowly savored, from Gnocchi alla Genovese (“simply an excuse for eating pesto “) to La Poule au Pot to Gooseberry Fool. Divided into such sections as Soup, Poultry and Game, Vegetables, and Dessert, her 1955 classic includes an overview of herbs as well as chapters on impromptu cooking for holidays and picnics. Chockablock with both invaluable instructions and tart rejoinders to the pallid and the overblown, Summer Cooking is a witty, precise companion for feasting in the warmer months.

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