Free Download Slammerkin PDF/ePub by Emma Donoghue

Free Download Slammerkin PDF/ePub by Emma Donoghue
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Slammerkin by Emma Donoghue

Free Download Book Slammerkin a PDF/EPUB format, written by Emma Donoghue and published in June 7, 2001. The file contains more than 410 pages …

Title Slammerkin
Author Emma Donoghue
Year of Publication June 7, 2001
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 410
Information about the book Slammerkin, written by Emma Donoghue

Book Description

Mary Saunders, a lower-class London schoolgirl, was born into rough cloth but hungered for lace and the trappings of a higher station than her family would ever know. In 18th-century England, Mary’s shrewd instincts will get her only so far, and she despairs of the plans made for her to carve out a trade as a seamstress or a maid. Unwilling to bend to such a destiny, Mary strikes out on a painful, fateful journey all her own. Inspired by the obscure historical figure Mary Saunders, Slammerkin is a provocative, graphic tale and a rich feast of an historical novel. Author Emma Donoghue probes the gap between a young girl’s quest for freedom and a better life and the shackles that society imposes on her. “Never give up your liberty.”

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