Free Download Seasonable Doubt PDF/ePub by Robin James

Free Download Seasonable Doubt PDF/ePub by Robin      James
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Seasonable Doubt by Robin James

Free Download Book Seasonable Doubt a PDF/EPUB format, written by Robin James and published in November 20, 2023. The file contains more than 302 pages …

Title Seasonable Doubt
Author Robin James
Year of Publication November 20, 2023
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 302
Information about the book Seasonable Doubt, written by Robin James

Book Description

It’s the week before Christmas and Santa is on trial for attempted murder…Known to locals as the “Christmas Guy,” Nick Whittaker has delighted his neighbors with an elaborate holiday light show and his uncanny resemblance to Santa Claus. A bit of a loner, Nick has found his place and his calling as a mall Santa in the quaint Northern Michigan town of Helene. He’s the last person anyone would have suspected in the brutal beating of a local politician. But when the bloodied murder weapon turns up in his trash and surveillance video puts him at the crime scene, Nick finds himself on trial for his freedom.Defense attorney Cass Leary has a soft spot for lost causes. When she crosses paths with Nick Whittaker on a trip up north, she realizes she’s his one shot at a fair trial. As a blizzard barrels down on Helene, Cass quickly learns the evidence against Nick may not be what it seems. Both he and the victim had enemies and secrets that could bury them and a courtroom bombshell throws everything into chaos. As Cass races against time to unravel the twisted threads of this mystery, whispers of intrigue and betrayal echo through the courthouse.In the dead of winter, Cass Leary fights for justice in a town where even Christmas can’t thaw the icy grip of suspicion.Seasonable Doubt is the next pulse-pounding book in the Cass Leary Legal Thriller Series. Prepare for a legal thriller that will chill you to the bone and leave you breathless until the final verdict.Note: This book, while related to the main Cass Leary series, can be read as a standalone.

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