Free Download Plum Island PDF/ePub by Nelson DeMille

Free Download Plum Island PDF/ePub by Nelson DeMille
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Plum Island by Nelson DeMille

Free Download Book Plum Island a PDF/EPUB format, written by Nelson DeMille and published in April 1, 1997. The file contains more than 592 pages …

Title Plum Island
Author Nelson DeMille
Year of Publication April 1, 1997
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 592
Information about the book Plum Island, written by Nelson DeMille

Book Description

The hair-raising suspense of The General’s Daughter… the wry wit of The Gold Coast…this is vintage Nelson DeMille at the peak of his originality and the height of his powers.Wounded in the line of duty, NYPD homicide cop John Corey is convalescing in rural eastern Long Island when an attractive young couple he knows is found shot to death on the family patio. The victims were biologists at Plum Island, a research site rumored to be an incubator for germ warfare.Suddenly, a local double murder takes on shattering global implications — and thrusts Corey and two extraordinary women into a dangerous search for the secret of PLUM ISLAND….

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