Free Download NO FEAR! PDF/ePub by C. Michaels

Free Download NO FEAR! PDF/ePub by C. Michaels
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NO FEAR! by C. Michaels

Free Download Book NO FEAR! a PDF/EPUB format, written by C. Michaels and published in November 14, 2011. The file contains more than 259 pages …

Title NO FEAR!
Author C. Michaels
Year of Publication November 14, 2011
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 259
Information about the book NO FEAR!, written by C. Michaels

Book Description

International Headline! Headless bodies wash ashore outsidethe grounds of Templetons de México, a five star hotel located on the north beachof Mazatlán, prompting an exodus of guests. ***A convention at the hotel is scheduled to attract guests whoare interested in regression, and their search to better understand theirsouls. But there is a killer among them, a vicious and brutal killer. Revengeis driving this maniac, a deadly plot that took 25 years to contrive.Mickey, a man who died 38 years ago is living at the hotel,looking quite alive and well. He has a secret so absurd, so outrageous. Andyet, he is determined to follow through with his plan.Emma is the strong-willed assistant at Templetons, who,while battling with Mickey’s impossible proposal, takes the lead in fightingthe terrorists who have infiltrated their home at Templetons de México.NO FEAR! is a psychological thriller that takes you through one week in time,and will keep you reading until the end, leaving you filled with tears, andshock… and wanting more.

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