Free Download Lady, in Waiting PDF/ePub by Karen Heenan

Free Download Lady, in Waiting PDF/ePub by Karen Heenan
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Lady, in Waiting by Karen Heenan

Free Download Book Lady, in Waiting a PDF/EPUB format, written by Karen Heenan and published in February 14, 2022. The file contains more than 381 pages …

Title Lady, in Waiting
Author Karen Heenan
Year of Publication February 14, 2022
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 381
Information about the book Lady, in Waiting, written by Karen Heenan

Book Description

She serves the queen. Her husband serves the court. How can they be so far apart?Margaery Preston is newly married to a man she barely knows. Proposing to Robin Lewis may have been impulsive, but she wants their marriage to work – she just doesn’t know how to be married, and it seems her husband hasn’t a clue, either.Treated like a child by everyone from her husband to the queen, lost in the unfamiliar world of the Elizabethan court, Margaery will have to learn quickly or lose any chance at the life she wants.Can a marriage for all the wrong reasons make it to happily ever after?

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