Free Download Italian Slow and Savory PDF/ePub by Joyce Goldstein

Free Download Italian Slow and Savory PDF/ePub by Joyce Goldstein
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Italian Slow and Savory by Joyce Goldstein

Free Download Book Italian Slow and Savory a PDF/EPUB format, written by Joyce Goldstein and published in October 14, 2004. The file contains more than 288 pages …

Title Italian Slow and Savory
Author Joyce Goldstein
Year of Publication October 14, 2004
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 288
Information about the book Italian Slow and Savory, written by Joyce Goldstein

Book Description

Italian Slow and Savory celebrates the pleasure of taking time when it comes to friends, family, and good food. In this inspiring cookbook, acclaimed author Joyce Goldstein presents more than 120 recipes for slow-cooked soups, stews, pasta sauces, braises, roasts, and casseroles, with rich, full flavors that are unmatched by faster cooking methods. There is nothing better than slow in the kitchen when these savory favorites are bubbling on the stove or in the oven. Taking time to cook, while leaving cooks time, these dishes are amazingly easy to prepare braised pork ribs and sausages smothered in tomatoes and red wine, fennel-scented beef sauce served over polenta, hearty white bean soup with mussels, lamb stew flavored with citrus-scented olives. In a world where even fast food seems to be getting faster, here is a mouthwatering homage to putting on the brakes and dining the Italian way.

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