Free Download Italian Immigrant Cooking PDF/ePub by Elodia Rigante

Free Download Italian Immigrant Cooking PDF/ePub by Elodia Rigante
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Italian Immigrant Cooking by Elodia Rigante

Free Download Book Italian Immigrant Cooking a PDF/EPUB format, written by Elodia Rigante and published in October 15, 1996. The file contains more than Hardcover pages …

Title Italian Immigrant Cooking
Author Elodia Rigante
Year of Publication October 15, 1996
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages Hardcover
Information about the book Italian Immigrant Cooking, written by Elodia Rigante

Book Description

Elodia takes us to an era when the “old timers,” those born in Italy but living in America, grew figs in their backyards and made wine in their basements, a time when her mother made pasta by hand on the kitchen table and picked fresh herbs from the kitchen garden to create traditional, aromatic, and mouth-watering meals.Here you will find her tips on how to cook a rich man’s dish on a poor man’s pocket, and her time-saving shortcuts for making traditional Italian fare quickly, so that you can enjoy the taste of the Old World while keeping up with the fast pace of the New. Elodia shares her secrets here, including her wisdom about the “hand of the cook,” the crucial ingredient treasured in Old Italy that makes the difference between passable food preparation and truly great cooking.There are surprises here for the health conscious, too. The cuisine that her parents brought with them from the Old Country was centered around the fresh fruits and vegetables that grew in their region of southern Italy, and around the abundant seafood available there.

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