Free Download Honey Moon PDF/ePub by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Free Download Honey Moon PDF/ePub by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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Honey Moon by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Free Download Book Honey Moon a PDF/EPUB format, written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and published in January 1, 1993. The file contains more than 448 pages …

Title Honey Moon
Author Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Year of Publication January 1, 1993
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 448
Information about the book Honey Moon, written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Book Description

From the New York Times bestselling author of This Heart of Mine comes a romantic tale about a former child star with a heart full of hope and a passion for making her dreams come true.From a dilapidated South Carolina amusement park to the shimmering glamour of Hollywood, orphaned Honey Jane Moon became the most famous child star in America by challenging the world with her fists swinging. But little girls have to grow up someday, and the passionate woman she becomes loves as fiercely as she lives, changing forever the destinies of two famous men:Dash Coogan…the last of the movies’ cowboy heroes, trapped on a screen too small to contain a legend. Eric Dillon…Hollywood’s bad boy, whose dark, seductive appeal and blazing talent hide a painful secret that has scarred his soul.Even as both these men relentlessly pursue her, all that Honey Jane Moon really wants is true love and a family she can call her own—and both are just one breathtaking ride away.

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