Download Raintree County PDF by Ross Lockridge Jr.

Download Raintree County PDF by Ross Lockridge Jr.
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Raintree County by Ross Lockridge Jr.

Free Download Book Raintree County a PDF/EPUB format, written by Ross Lockridge Jr. and published in January 1, 1948. The file contains more than 1088 pages …

Title Raintree County
Author Ross Lockridge Jr.
Year of Publication January 1, 1948
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 1088
Information about the book Raintree County, written by Ross Lockridge Jr.

Book Description

Throughout a single day in 1892, John Shawnessy recalls the great moments of his life—from the love affairs of his youth in Indiana, to the battles of the Civil War, to the politics of the Gilded Age, to his homecoming as schoolteacher, husband, and father. Shawnessy is the epitome of the place and period in which he lives, a rural land of springlike women, shady gamblers, wandering vagabonds, and soapbox orators. Yet here on the banks of the Shawmucky River, which weaves its primitive course through Raintree County, Indiana, he also feels and obeys ancient rhythms. A number-one bestseller when it was first published in 1948, this powerful novel is a compelling vision of 19th-century America with timeless resonance.

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