Download Cleopatra’s Daughter PDF by Michelle Moran

Download Cleopatra's Daughter PDF by Michelle    Moran
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Cleopatra’s Daughter by Michelle Moran

Free Download Book Cleopatra’s Daughter a PDF/EPUB format, written by Michelle Moran and published in September 15, 2009. The file contains more than 429 pages …

Title Cleopatra’s Daughter
Author Michelle Moran
Year of Publication September 15, 2009
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 429
Information about the book Cleopatra’s Daughter, written by Michelle Moran

Book Description

At the dawn of the Roman Empire, when tyranny ruled, a daughter of Egypt and a son of Rome found each other…

Selene’s legendary parents are gone. Her country taken, she has been brought to the city of Rome in chains, with only her twin brother, Alexander, to remind her of home and all she once had.

Living under the watchful eyes of the ruling family, Selene and her brother must quickly learn how to be Roman – and how to be useful to Caesar. She puts her artistry to work, in the hope of staying alive and being allowed to return to Egypt. Before long, however, she is distracted by the young and handsome heir to the empire…

When the elusive ‘Red Eagle’ starts calling for the end of slavery, Selene and Alexander are in grave danger. Will this mysterious figure bring their liberation, or their demise?

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