Free Download Fletch PDF/ePub by Gregory McDonald

Free Download Fletch PDF/ePub by Gregory McDonald
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Fletch by Gregory McDonald

Free Download Book Fletch a PDF/EPUB format, written by Gregory McDonald and published in March 12, 1974. The file contains more than 197 pages …

Title Fletch
Author Gregory McDonald
Year of Publication March 12, 1974
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 197
Information about the book Fletch, written by Gregory McDonald

Book Description

Fletch: He’s an investigative reporter whose methods are a little unorthodox. Currently he’s living on the beach with the strung-out trying to find to the source of the drugs they live for. FletchHe’s taking more than a little flack from his editor. She doesn’t appreciate his style. Or the expense account items he’s racking up. Or his definition of the word deadline. Or the divorce lawyers who keep showing up at the office.FletchSo when multimillionaire Alan Stanwyk offers Fletch the job of a lifetime, which could be worth a fortune, he’s intrigued and decides to do a little investigation. What he discovers is that the proposition is anything but what it seems.

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