Free Download Cross Roads PDF/ePub by C. Michaels

Free Download Cross Roads PDF/ePub by C. Michaels
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Cross Roads by C. Michaels

Free Download Book Cross Roads a PDF/EPUB format, written by C. Michaels and published in March 5, 2011. The file contains more than 472 pages, Nook pages …

Title Cross Roads
Author C. Michaels
Year of Publication March 5, 2011
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 472 pages, Nook
Information about the book Cross Roads, written by C. Michaels

Book Description

Benjamin Cross is forced into a journey from an old to new life when he loses his prestigious job. He goes into hiding at his favorite town in Wind River, Idaho, and plans to spend a few months fishing before looking for his next job. But upon his arrival, he finds his longtime friends have fallen vulnerable to the foreclosure of their bar. He vows to help them fight a powerful and unethical newcomer, Mr. Templeton, not realizing that their struggles must overcome murder, cheating, and figuring out who they can trust. Trust even amongst themselves. Ben is forced down a road through seemingly unrelated events of fate, natural and supernatural happenings, all of which result in a composite of the man of confidence and skill, and his new found ability to love. This change that overpowers him begins when he lands in Wind River.

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