Free Download Black Eagle PDF/ePub by Jack Slater

Free Download Black Eagle PDF/ePub by Jack     Slater
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Black Eagle by Jack Slater

Free Download Book Black Eagle a PDF/EPUB format, written by Jack Slater and published in July 31, 2021. The file contains more than 436 pages …

Title Black Eagle
Author Jack Slater
Year of Publication July 31, 2021
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 436
Information about the book Black Eagle, written by Jack Slater

Book Description

Sometimes it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.Siberia in April isn’t in any tourist guidebook. But that is where Trapp finds himself. It’s cold, dark, and the vodka tastes like gasoline.After brawling with half a dozen corrupt Russian cops, he’s taken to the infamous penal colony marked on maps as IK-29, but known to inmates as the Black Eagle. The guards are brutes, their prisoners little better than animals. It’s hell on earth.And this time, he’s on his own. The Agency has no knowledge of his mission. They wouldn’t back him if they did. Because men like Trapp are tools. They aren’t supposed to get ideas of their own.It’s dangerous when they do.

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