Free Download A Day of Reckoning PDF/ePub by Matthew Harffy

Free Download A Day of Reckoning PDF/ePub by Matthew Harffy
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A Day of Reckoning by Matthew Harffy

Free Download Book A Day of Reckoning a PDF/EPUB format, written by Matthew Harffy and published in September 28, 2023. The file contains more than 448 pages …

Title A Day of Reckoning
Author Matthew Harffy
Year of Publication September 28, 2023
Language English
File Format PDF/ePub
Number of Pages 448
Information about the book A Day of Reckoning, written by Matthew Harffy

Book Description

Hunlaf battles peril and intrigue on a dangerous voyage to Muslim Spain.AD 796 . Sailing in search of an object of great power, Hunlaf and his comrades are far from home when they are caught up in a violent skirmish against pirates.After the bloody onslaught, an encounter with ships from Islamic Spain soon sees them escorted under guard to the city of Qadis, one of the jewels of the Emirate of Al-Andalus and the true destination of their voyage.Hunlaf believes the Emir’s lands hold the key to his search, but there are dangerous games at play. To achieve his goal, Hunlaf and his allies must walk a difficult path where friends and enemies alike are not always what they seem – and where a weapon deadlier than any yet seen could change the future of all the kingdoms in Europe.The third thrilling historical adventure in the A Time for Swords series by Matthew Harffy, perfect for fans of Ben Kane, Simon Scarrow and Bernard Cornwell.Reviews for A Day of Reckoning’Top class adventure writing, with action that moves as fast and keen as a whetted blade.’ Ian Ross’A fascinating and thrilling tale set in eighth-century Europe, with vivid battle scenes and well-rounded characters.’ Alex Gough

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